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Krista Scruggs - Zafa Wines, Regenerative History and Winemaking in Vermont

February 17, 2021

Krista Scruggs has a simple story. She followed her passion for winegrowing and winemaking to learn as much as she could.

But like the best stories it’s only simple on the surface. Beneath the surface, her life is connected to ancient lands and ancient seas that traveled and flowed around the world to become fertile islands of wild grapevines, and her life is connected to ancient people who were enslaved and taken around the world to build the history that she is now regenerating with counter-spells.

Krista has had the challenge and the opportunity of navigating the wine industry without many, if any, role models who share a similar story. When Krista acquired her property on Isle La Motte, Vermont, she became the 18th Black farmer in the entire state of Vermont, and is one of the rare 1.4% of Black Americans who own land.

Because of this, she has been able to write a story that is unique, and uniquely beautiful, with new perspectives and deep connections. 



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