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Mimi Casteel Revisited - Is Wine Big Enough?

December 6, 2021

Mimi Casteel started her journey by going to the forest. She found she could not save the forest from within, so she went to the farm. But she found she could not save the farm from within either, so she has recently taken the next step in her journey, and that was why I wanted to have this conversation with her… to ask her what that next step is, and why she’s taking it.

But more than offering just the answers to these questions, Mimi offers us an urgent call to make big changes. She offers us hope in the resilience of the natural world. And she describes the vital need that we all have of getting and giving support to each other.

We skip introductions in this interview, so if you don’t know who Mimi Casteel is, I urge you to search out her other interviews and talks. Mimi is my first repeat guest, so you can also find another great interview with her in the Organic Wine Podcast episode library.

The context of this conversation is wine, of course. But wine has led us to ask some really big questions, questions about the sanity of our current economic model, questions about the sustainability of our global food system, questions about survival.

Mimi’s perspectives are at once radical and compassionate. Revolutionary and life-affirming. You are in for a treat.

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