Organic Wine Podcast

Olivia Maki & Mike Reis - Redfield Cider Bar & Bottle Shop

December 20, 2021

Olivia Maki and Mike Reis are my guests on this episode, and they are the owners of Redfield Cider Bar in Oakland, California! Redfield is one of just a handful of bars anywhere dedicated to Cider, as well as natural wine, and Olivia and Mike give us an in-depth exploration of what it takes to open and run such a bar… during a pandemic, no less.

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening your own bar, this episode will give you the nitty gritty of what goes into it… and you may want to change your dream. Or you may get the vital info you need to make your dream a reality. And even if you don’t want to open a bar, Olivia and Mike will give you a vital perspective on what goes into you being able to casually sit down and enjoy a glass of wine or cider at your local wine bar. You may end up enjoying that glass a whole lot more.



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