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Rob Durham - Durham Cider and Wine

November 8, 2021

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Rob Durham of Durham Cider and Wine Company in this episode. Rob is rocking the California Central Coast Cider scene, but also makes cider that represents the entire west coast of the US. Rob’s journey to start Durham Cider and Wine didn’t follow a straight path, so this conversation rambles around a bit uncovering fascinating and really admirable insights into his knowledge and experience at every turn.

Rob has crossed North America on a bike, owned an edible landscaping company, worked on an organic potato farm in Idaho, gotten fired from his first brewery job, and now makes close to 20 ciders and wines each year (though he hope to make less varieties), with names like Everything Is Mood and Space Parade. I hope that, like me, this conversation will cause you to want to get to know him and his ciders better. Enjoy!


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