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Sandor Katz - The Art Of Wild Fermentation

December 29, 2021

By looking at wine from a different perspective, I think we can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of it, and also get some inspiration about how we could think completely differently about it, and how that might make it something less exclusive, more sustainable, and more fun.

My guest for this episode is Sandor Katz. Sandor is the author of the books Wild Fermentation as well as The Art of Fermentation – which could be considered the fermentation Bible, and for which he received a James Beard Award – and his most recent book is Fermentation Journeys.

The information Sandor gives in this episode could change not only the way you think, but also the way you eat and drink. I’ve actually been inspired to incorporate new ideas and ingredients into my winemaking and food-making because of this conversation.

Sandor explains how the context of human life, and all life, is biodiversity. The human body is host to over a trillion bacteria, and countless other microorganisms. Rather than eliminate this microbiome, we need this community to be robust to maintain our health. Fermentation, in the context of a global pandemic, is a profound shift in thinking – away from sterility and toward diversity and resilience.

And fermentation is a natural result of the abundance of life. Fermentation explodes categories and defies labels. It prevents waste and reuses byproducts.

Sandor’s mission is to revive our connection to these ancient processes, and after this conversation I hope you feel as reconnected as I did.


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